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The Transition Handbook: From oil dependency to local resilience pdf books
Title:The Transition Handbook: From oil dependency to local resilience
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Who Counts? The Politics of Census-Taking in Contemporary America: The Politics of Census-Taking in Contemporary America

Who Counts The Politics of Census Taking in Contemporary America The Politics of Census Taking in Contemporary America

b One of i Choice i Magazine s Outstanding Academic Books of b br br For those interested in understanding the historical and scientific context of the census adjustment controversy i Who Counts i is absolutely essential reading i Science i br br Ever since the founding fathers authorized a national headcount as the means of apportioning seats in the federal legislature the decennial census has been a political battleground Political power and more recently the allocation of federal resources depend directly upon who is counted and who is left out i Who Counts i is the story of the lawsuits congressional hearings and bureaucratic intrigues surrounding the census These controversies formed largely around a single vexing question should the method of conducting the census be modified in order to rectify the demonstrated undercount of poor urban minorities But they also stemmed from a more general debate about the methods required to count an ever more diverse and mobile population of over two hundred million The responses to these questions repeatedly pitted the innovations of statisticians and demographers against objections that their attempts to alter traditional methods may be flawed and even unconstitutional br br i Who Counts i offers a detailed review of the preparation implementation and aftermath of the last three censuses It recounts the growing criticisms of innaccuracy and undercounting and the work to develop new enumeration strategies The party shifts that followed national elections played an increasingly important role in the politization of the census as the Department of Commerce asserted growing authority over the scientific endeavors of the Census Bureau At the same time each decade saw more city and state governments and private groups bringing suit to challenge census methodology and results i Who Counts i tracks the legal course that began in when a coalition led by New York City first sued to institute new statistical procedures in response to an alleged undercount of urban inhabitants The challenge of accurately classifying an increasingly mixed population further threatens the legitimacy of the census and i Who Counts i investigates the difficulties of gaining unambiguous measurements of race and ethnicity and the proposal that the race question be eliminated in favor of ethnic origin i Who Counts i concludes with a discussion of the proposed census design for as well as the implications of population counts on the composition and size of Congress This volume reveals in extraordinary detail the interplay of law politics and science that propel the ongoing census debate a debate whose outcome will have a tremendous impact on the distribution of political power and economic resources among the nation s communities br br i b A Volume in the Russell Sage Foundation Census Series b i

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The Transition Companion: Making Your Community More Resilient in Uncertain Times

The Transition Companion Making Your Community More Resilient in Uncertain Times

What if the best responses to peak oil and climate change don t come from government but from you and me and the people around us In the best selling The Transition Handbook suggested a model for a community led response to peak oil and climate change Since then the Transition idea has gone viral across the globe from Italian villages and Brazilian favelas to universities and London neighborhoods In contrast to the ever worsening stream of information about climate change the economy and resource depletion Transition focuses on solutions on community scale responses on meeting new people and on having fun br br The Transition Companion picks up the story today drawing on the experience of one of the most fascinating experiments under way in the world It tells inspiring tales of communities working for a future where local economies are valued and nurtured where lower energy use is seen as a benefit and where enterprise creativity and the building of resilience have become cornerstones of a new economy br br The first part discusses where we are now in terms of resilience and vulnerability in the face of rising oil prices climate change and economic challenge It presents a vision of the future if we do not address these issues and how things might change if we start to do so The book then looks in detail at the process a community in transition goes through calling on the experience of those who have already embarked on this journey These examples show how much can be achieved when people harness energy and imagination to create projects that will make their communities more resilient The Transition Companion combines practical advice the tools needed to start and maintain a Transition initiative with numerous inspiring stories from local groups worldwide

The Power of Just Doing Stuff

The Power of Just Doing Stuff

Packed with real life examples and the voices of people who have created innovative local businesses and invested in all manner of new enterprises this call for local action argues that the seed of a new economy and the answer to the desperate search for a new way forward in an increasingly economically insecure and ecologically unstable world is an understanding by individuals that change starts with them The aim of the Transition movement is to galvanize people into taking action whether on a large or a small scale with the goal of creating communities that model a local economy rooted in place in well being in entrepreneurship and in creativity While the book is primarily focused on food production and sustainable energy the practical applications it offers also address how to rebuild a local community in the face of austerity due to a natural disaster or economic collapse Eschewing political arguments of any kind this discussion will appeal to readers of all persuasions who are eager to play a role in creating a more stable and healthier world one community at a time

The Transition Starts Here, Now and Together

The Transition Starts Here Now and Together

One day in Rob Hopkins an ordinary British citizen started knocking on his neighbors doors in the small town of Totnes where he had just settled in He was proposing that they come together to organize nothing less than a new locally based economy A new model the Transition Town harnessed resources at hand and modeled a new way of life no longer expect food to arrive from the other side of the planet at great fuel costs but instead create short food supply chains and cultivate all the available land gardens rooftops municipal parks no longer complain about pollution but rally fellow citizens around a project of local renewable energy cooperatives no longer rail against the banks and the stock markets but adopt a local currency that enriches the community His experience has been successful not only in Totnes it has spread to cities in countries Each of the Transition Towns are transforming their communities without fanfare without outside funding making them more autonomous and more resilient to the crises looming ahead a network of oases offering a wealth of solutions br br Hopkins charisma and his story spur us all to become the best we can be He has revived a sense of hope buried under years of resignation and the disillusionment of economic realism The saga of the Transition Towns movement inspires us all to take action and tap into the unimagined capacities we all have to promote change

The Transition Timeline: For a Local, Resilient Future

The Transition Timeline For a Local Resilient Future

The Transition Timeline lightens the fear of our uncertain future providing a map of what we are facing and the different pathways available to us It describes four possible scenarios for the UK and world over the next twenty years ranging from Denial in which we reap the consequences of failing to acknowledge and respond to our environmental challenges to the Transition Vision in which we shift our cultural assumptions to fit our circumstances and move into a more fulfilling lower energy world br br The practical realistic details of this Transition Vision are examined in depth covering key areas such as food energy demographics transport and healthcare and they provide a sense of context for communities working towards a thriving future The book also provides a detailed and accessible update on climate change and peak oil and the interactions between them including their impacts in the UK present and future Use it Choose your path and then make that future real with your actions individually and with your community As Rob Hopkins outlines in his foreword there is a rapidly spreading movement addressing these challenges and it needs you

Local Food: How to make it happen in your community

Local Food How to make it happen in your community

i Local Food i is an inspirational and practical guide for creating local food initiatives showing how we can restore and establish community networks to generate healthy locally produced food Many people already buy their vegetables as locally as possible eat organic and seasonal food when they can and may even be getting to grips with managing an allotment But i Local Food i shows you how to get together with the people on your street or in your village town or city It explores a huge range of initiatives for rebuilding a diverse resilient local food network including community gardens farmers markets Community Supported Agriculture schemes and projects in schools and includes all the information you will need to get ideas off the ground

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We live in an oil dependent world Most people don t want to think about what happens when the oil runs out or becomes prohibitively expensive This title shows how the inevitable and profound changes ahead can have a positive effect The Transition Handbook: From oil dependency to local resilience books by Rob Hopkins

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